The Domatic Controller
The Domatic Controller

The Domatic Controller

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The Domatic Controller uses standard Romex cabling for power and data (also known as a powerline network), the controller monitors and controls all connected Domatic hardware devices, and securely makes them available to the WiFi network and cloud services.

The Controller has 5G/LTE radio for communication to the Domatic Service when the WIFI is non-existent or not configured yet. When WIFI is available, Domatic is a gateway to the home's WIFI network so that all Domatic hardware devices are exposed to popular voice-control systems or Internet cloud services for remote control.

The screen displays system as well as application status information. It also functions as a secure mechanism to provision the home via QR code on the display. This allows the homeowner to securely take over the Domatic Controller and hardware devices.


  • Control center for the Domatic connected home
  • Ties the home’s networks together along with the Domatic Service for remote control of your home devices, using modern security protocols
  • 4G/LTE radio
  • Standard size for easy installation into a double-gang wall box
  • Installed on the home’s Romex wiring to create a powerline network for all connected Domatic devices
  • Soft-glow LCD touch-screen
  • Flexible architecture to easily support future applications and devices
  • Works with popular voice control systems, such as Amazon AlexaTM, Google HomeTM, or Apple’s SiriTM, to provide voice activation for connected Domatic components and appliances