Domatic Dimmer Switch
Domatic Dimmer Switch

Domatic Dimmer Switch

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The Domatic Dimmer Switch allows customizable multi-pole and multi-way control of lights. Turns on or off with a tap, dims up or down when pressed and held.


  • Domatic-enabled ― installation uses standard home electrical cabling to connect to the Domatic home network
  • Decora-style dimmer light switch
  • Dimmable control with momentary contact rocker
  • Supports lights using a variety of dimmable LED bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Multi-pole and multi-way control
  • Standard electrical wiring with the option to avoid installing a traveler system (otherwise known as pulling a “runner” wire)
  • Powerline connection to the Domatic home network
  • Dimming level indicator
  • Single-tap rocker for on/off switching; hold-down for dim adjustment
  • Slim, compact housing